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“If a single tree takes the force of the wind, it falls”: Rationale, concept and work of the Pan African DrPH Consortium


In a first for the continent, universities in West, East and South Africa, with the support of partners in the US and UK, are working on developing a Pan African Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree. This degree will have a focus on...

Policy Elites, Professionalism and Public Sector Leadership in Ghana

A child takes care of a child in Old Fadama, an “illegal” but thriving urban slum in the commercial center of Accra nicknamed “Sodom and Gomorrah”

Another of the passionate public exchange, commentary and debate in the print and...

What Governs District Manager Decision Making A Case Study of Complex Leadership in Dangme West District Ghana

In health policy and systems research, management and leadership
are complex but related phenomena. They have various
meanings and requirements.1,2 The World Health
Organization defines good management and leadership as
“providing direction...